Temperature, PH levels, initial concentration of ozone, th epresence of other elements of gasses in the environment, external injection.
States the maximum concentration for human exposure. For ozone, they are:
  • 0.06 ppm for a maximum of 8 hours/day, 5 days a week
  • 0.3 ppm is sustainable by an individual for a mximum of 15 minutes
Guages are built specifically to measure both ppm and g/h in a closed environment.
This defines the time required to reduce by 50% the concentration of ozono. In a closed system, gaseous ozono may have a half-life of barely 3 days, while when dissolved in water, it rarely exceeds 30 minutes.
Aside from proper unit design, there are ways of destroying ozone via catalytic processes of by using oxygen to accelerate the decomposition of ozone molecules.
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