Ozone and Wine Grove Spraying and Irrigation

Contaminated water is a serious problem for wine production. Adressing them with chemicals is even prohibited in certain phases.

Spraying the rows of vine with ozonoated water in the days preceeding harvest is a natural containment method for mold and bacteria (es.Botrytis cinerea). Some jurisditions also disallow the use of chemicals in such critical moments. Greater bacterial loads require greater use of sulphites

Wines produced with sulphites have to be clearly labelled in certain markets.

This can be entirely avoided with proper use of ozone. Because of its strong oxidation and disinfection mechanism, ozone is suitable for any form of water treatment. It is even used to prepare drinking water; it can thus be properly adapted to the vine context. The water distribution network should also be cleaned with ozonated water before going operational.

Irrigation and humifiying
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